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QuickQuotes Request For Quotation (RFQ) Systems

The Isondai QuickQuotes RFQ system is a unique auto matching system that combines business supplier categories with key words that match potential suppliers’ offerings. Requests are automatically dispersed through the system to suppliers based on the buyer’s criteria for either products or services. The RFQ will be distributed to the appropriate suppliers who can return a quotation through the system.

The full featured system includes the ability for members to upload supporting information in the form of video, audio or documents that can be viewed in the Isondai players and viewers.

The buyers system allows members to complete an RFQ online by defining details of their needs and submitting the RFQ to the system. Buyers can upload and attached supporting information in varying video, audio, and document formats that are converted automatically and viewable by the suppliers. Buyers can also select the distance from their location that the RFQ will be submitted to always starting with local. Once the RFQ has been submitted it is place in their request center of the buyer’s account where they can view and manage their RFQ’s and view supplier quotes as they come in. Buyers can even award a supplier through the system, however, buyers and sellers must perform their due diligence and define the terms of any contract between themselves.

Any business-to-business product or service provider can signup for a Basic Supplier membership and utilize both the buying and selling components of the Isondai RFQ System (members are reviewed before approval). Basic Suppliers are able to view matching requests within their account a return quotations directly to the buyer submitting the request. Premium and Organization members get enhanced features with their RFQ system. Features are continually being added to the enhanced system that are only available to the Premium and Organization members.

*Isondai does not endorse either buyers or suppliers on the system. The system is designed to make it faster and simpler for buyers to source suppliers of any type of products or service. Members must read and agree to the terms of use before submitting an RFQ or providing a quotation.