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Features and Options

Company Profile

Enter information about your company for suppliers to view.

Buyer Profile(s)

Enter information about your buyer(s) for suppliers to view.

Additional Buyer(s) - Enterprise Ready

Add addition buyer profiles with access to there own sub-account.

Isondai QuickQuotes - Auto-Matching

Business-to-Business Buyer Options - Request Quotes

Request quoations for all your products and service needs

Unlimited *TA Specific

Consumer Buyer Options - Request Quotes

This account gives you unlimited buying request options

Unlimited *TA Specific

Tele-notification Buying Service

Our system will automatically notify matching businesses of your requests

All Targeting Businesses *TA

Other Features

Event Posting & Ticketing

Events posting include registration and payment processing options

Supplier Rating System

This is a closed loop system where rating can be verified


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Easy Uploads & Resource Embedding

Our auto-conversion tool makes it easy for you to upload existing video, audio or documents for sharing and embedding

Isondai Points

Earn up to $500 for referrals and continual $'s for renewal of referred account holders

Resource Library Credit & Reward

The more business resources you upload to share the more points you will earn

Press Release Posting

Post and share your important business news

Notification Opt-ins

Select the information or events you want to find out about

Social Sharing

Almost everything you post or upload to the system can be share on most social media feeds

Isondai Connect - Your direct connection to business

Business & Industry Forums

Depending on the account type you can host your own forum or participate in others

Read & Participate, Host

Business Blogs

Depending on the account type you can host your own blog or view others

Read & Participate, Host

Interest Groups

Depending on the account type you can host your own group or participate

Read & Participate, Host

Special Events

This is a semi-private event system available depending on account type

Chat & Message

The chat system allows you to communicate directly with your connections


Display your products and services or add media with your own cataloging system

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