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Entrepreneurship Programs

Isondai Entrepreneurship Program Overview

Isondai hosts local partnerships with organizations and businesses that have an interest in advancing entrepreneurship and inspiring innovation. An example of a program that has been developed is an entrepreneurship startup program where Onagon Interactive Inc. (an ABEX award finalist in 2011) is providing their business planning software and QuickStart consulting services to the unemployed and under privileged by partnering with the Regina Food Bank and other local organizations and businesses.

The programs are not be about giving away free products and services but rather about providing information and knowledge to persons that may have the desire to undertake a business opportunity but lack in the knowledge and confidence to do so. Our desire is to create programs where participants can be assessed for readiness in order to proceed to the next step in multi-partner programs. For instance a participant could start with basic business concepts, then moving on to business planning, marketing plans, investment readiness, financing, etc. which could all performed by different partners. Such a program would then have assessments at the end of each step to insure the participant is ready to move on.

Programs must be developed to insure efficiency and effectiveness in the use of each partners donated services or products. Programs are setup and tailored for each community or organization wishing for us to host and assist in programs through our connection to product and service providers that are willing to take part in such programs. Our goal is to help individuals who want to be helped by helping them gain education, confidence and knowledge.

* Must be a current Premium, Plus or Enterprise account holder to partner.