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Basement renovation – Onagon Developments Inc. Landscaping Newlot – Private Consumer

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Receive requests for quotation your products and services

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What is Isondai Connect?

Isondai Connect is the business networking side of Isondai’s overall application. Meet and connect with other business people, create groups, forums,blogs or even get your catalog of products and services online. This is a place where that is all about business and where you should be continually promoting your business to others.

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How the Local-First Equal Opportunity System Works

On Isondai all data and information is defined by geographical location. All businesses and organizations have the opportunity to define their trade area and use the same tools to be found and do business. We do not believe in pay per click or in giving the highest bidder the best opportunity. Your ranking on Isondai is based on ratings from clients and your participation on the system.

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