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About Isondai

Everyone seems to agree that networking and building relationships is one of the most important aspects in the success of a business today. There are now an increasing number of platforms that provide a social media aspect and a place for business to network. There are also the primary search engines, yellow page sites, business directories, classified ad sites, event sites and sites that specialize in press releases. Then there are sites that specialize in hosting certain Medias like video and documents, and those that present themselves as a market place. Over and above that there are numerous government sites, organization sites and private sites that all have something to offer businesseslooking to get found on the internet.

In this age of information and technology it is very easy to get lost in the clutter of internet. This is certainly a problem for small business as they often don’t know where to start nor what would be the most effective Medias to use. Many entrepreneurs are throwing money out there on many different forms of advertising and they don’t even know if the Medias are working.While all advertising mediums are valuable and can be effective when used properly, it seems that everyone is focused on a specialized tool that they make available to everyone on the internet. This makes it increasingly difficult to find anything that is relevant to specific markets. Government agencies have been discussing for years how they might bring together all the many scattered resources and information to make it easy for entrepreneurs to find what they need. There have been attempts by government to have one stop shops but they have been moderately successful, as the agencies don’t really talk to each other and any effort by government leaves out one of the most importantresources, private business!

I recentlydid an internet search on “business plan software”, which returned of over 37 million possible listings. In reality there are only maybe 20 to 30 companies that actually have a product that would qualify as business plan software. So what is the rest? Some may be venders, some may be templates, and some may be resources related to planning. The rest is just a bunch of random information picked up by algorithms. When you look through the first page listings, on that search engine, you find that the same company has at least 5 listings on the page, more if you count other sites that are selling their products. In addition to that, this same company has the top pay per click ad (for their online version). This just shows that the company with the money and the marketing resources is the company that gets the visibility on the internet. That doesn’t make them the best. Oh, and all of the listings found on the first few pages of search engines are companies from out of the region or country I am searching from.

Search engines do have their place and are greata resource, however, the point is that it is very difficult for a small business to get found on the internet, even in their location. It is also very difficult for a business to find the right information or products and service pertaining to their location. The world has focused on a global economy and has provided a platform for the best marketers with the most money to succeed. Even the social networking tools are unfocused and want to be a networking tool for everyone. Overall most of the social networking and ad Medias on the internet are focused on the global market and on providing a tool to a broad general audience.

At Isondai we believe that the focus should be on local markets when it comes to networking or marketing on the internet, with the understanding that not every business focuses on local. We also believe that the focus should be more on particular markets rather than on a generalized tool for networking or advertising. Isondai has created the “local go-to place for business!”That being said, it will be thelocal go-to place for business no matter where you are in the world. It is the place to find information, resources, deals on products and services, events, and to connect with other businesses, organizations and like-minded, people at a local and regionalized level. Isondai has also just added a unique “Request for Quotation” system that makes it easy for buyers to get quotes from both local and distant suppliers, at their choice. We bring together the many fragmented resources available today, from businesses to government and organizations, that benefit business, and make them relevant to location.

Essentially Isondai has developed a set of tools based on the best proven internet technologies and combined them into one package with a strict focus on the business-to-business market. Then we developed the overall application to focus firstly on the local market with the option to have a larger visibility. The web application has both public and semi-private components to it. On the public searchable side members, public resources and information posted to Isondai are reviewed prior to being approved for viewing on the website. (Isondai is built to be about business and anything not pertaining to business will not be allowed on the site) On the semi-private side is Isondai Connect, which is a business networking platform for members to meet and promote themselves to other members.

Isondai has created a platform that can be implemented as a business-to-business networking system in any community in the world, which means that we can implement localized partnerships and programs that pertain to local needs. Another important aspect of Isondai isthat it is and equal opportunity business-to-business web application that ranks members on their rating from other members. No member can pay for better positioning in the search results and the best suppliers, according to their customers, will get the best positioning. Isondai is the local go-to place for relevant, quality business!